As hard as your cleaning and maintenance staff work, it is difficult to stay ahead of contagious germs and smelly odors. Kindergarteners may spill milk and other food, and older kids may have dirty athletic equipment. Regardless, GTech can kill the germs and bacteria in your school and provide your students with lasting antimicrobial protection!

Most Common School Uses

icons_chairCarpets and upholstery

Vacuuming does not kill germs and bacteria on your carpets and upholstery. Even carpet cleaners can’t kill germs the way GTech does.  Spray GTech on your carpets, furniture, and drapes to kill germs, eliminate odors, and bring a fresh feel to your school.  GTech is even great for eliminating athletic and food odors!

icons_storageStorage Areas

Your storage areas can trap moisture, allowing for pockets of mold and mildew to grow.  When left untreated, mold and mildew can harm your building and breed unhealthy bacteria.  Apply GTech to concrete, wood, plaster, or drywall to eliminate mold and mildew, and keep your school from the destructive damage that mold and mildew can cause.

Air Filters and ducts

Most people clean their air filters and ducts only when they need to. Using GTech between regular maintenance reduces dust and odors when used in your air filters and ducts.  This helps minimize allergens and smells!

Shower curtains, stalls, and sinks

The frequently used stalls in your school locker rooms?  Or the mildew that grows on the grout?  Or the ancient showers that are neither used nor cleaned?  GTech Clean keeps away the mold, mildew and odors that creep into your bathrooms.  Not only that, but GTech’s cleaning power keeps the mold and mildew away, providing lasting antimicrobial protection!

Doorknobs, Telephones, Light Switches, and Other High-Touch Areas

We rarely think to clean telephones and light switches, but these high contact areas can pass germs very quickly between people in your school.  Eliminate bacteria from high-touch areas like doorknobs, computer keyboards, and anything else with a simple spray—and wait for the moisture to dry for complete protection that lasts up to 15 days.

Kitchen Sinks and Trashcans

Enclosed spaces, such as garbage disposals and trashcans can be breeding grounds for germs. A few sprays in the kitchen sink will eliminate germs, and a few sprays of GTech in trashcans will reduce odors.