In an environment where people are more susceptible to illness, GTech Clean provides the lasting protection needed for the toughest environments.

Medical environments should be sterile and secure, but hospitals and doctors’ offices cannot always be as safe as we want them to be.

If contaminated surfaces are touched by individuals, the transfer of microbes begins, resulting in cross-contamination. Pathogenic bacteria, such as MRSA, STAPH and E.Coli can be spread via cross-contamination, which can lead to infection and illness in humans. Even in the cleanest environments, many kinds of microbes will begin to multiply on surfaces and sometimes reach harmful levels, making them unclean, unhygienic, or discolored.

GTech Clean is a powerful non-toxic antimicrobial solution that provides durable surface protection, continuously working 24/7, to inhibit the growth of odor-causing microbes, mold, mildew, fungus, and algae, which can cause sickness, stains, odors, or declination of products.

Use GTech to clean and protect your medical environments to make them sterile and safe!

 Most Common Medical Uses

icons_phoneDoorknobs, Telephones, Light Switches, Handrails, and Other High-Touch Areas

We rarely think to clean telephones and light switches, but these high contact areas can pass germs very quickly between people at your medical facility.  Eliminate bacteria from high-touch areas like doorknobs, computer keyboards, and anything else with a simple spray—and wait for the moisture to dry for complete protection that lasts up to 15 days.

Air Filters and Ducts

Most people clean their air filters and ducts only when they need to. Using GTech between regular maintenance reduces dust and odors when used in your air filters and ducts.  This helps keep allergens and smells limited so your employees and patients will breathe fresh air!

Shower Curtains, Stalls, Sinks, & Bathtub

The lousy mildew stains in the showers?  Or the mildew that grows on the grout?  Or the tough sinks to clean?  GTech Clean keeps away the mold, mildew and odors that creep into the difficult places to clean.  Not only that, but GTech’s cleaning power keeps the mold and mildew away, so you don’t have to clean your bathroom as often!

Laboratory and Pharmacy

In a sterile environment that requires the cleanest habits, you can use the safest products that last up to 14 days! When you have environments like a laboratory or pharmacy that demand the highest level of sterility, GTech Clean performs.


Dirty clothes and cleaning rags can grow bacteria and smell horribly. You can put GTech Clean right in your washing machine to prevent the growth of bacteria AND eliminate smells.  Use GTech Clean to keep all your laundry protected while smelling and looking as fresh as new.

Kitchen Sinks and Trashcans

Enclosed spaces, such as sinks and trashcans can be breeding grounds for germs and bacteria. A few sprays in your sinks will eliminate germs, and a few sprays of GTech in your trashcan will reduce odors.

Reduce the threat of cross-contamination in your medical facility with GTech Clean.