Hunting is an amazing pastime that can foster some dangerous germs. From the contamination of your vehicle from your hunt to caring for your clothing and equipment, GTech Clean can kill all the germs and bacteria you encounter during and after your amazing hunting adventure.

Most Common Hunting Uses


Dirty hunting clothes can grow bacteria that cause lasting odors, but they are no match for GTech! You can put GTech Clean right in your washing machine to prevent the growth of bacteria AND eliminate smells for your camouflage materials, long underwear, and other special clothing. Even sweaty and dirty boots and gear get clean with GTech! Use GTech Clean to keep all your clothes smelling and looking as fresh as new.


Knives, guns, and weapons are safe to use with GTech, but this is just the beginning. When you camp or fish or travel, keep GTech with you to protect you from the germs and bacteria that can stop your adventure. With GTech, you can sanitize your hands, clean your tent, wash your equipment, and so much more.

Vehicle Interiors

From the trophies in the back of your truck to the muddy gear you throw in your backseat, bad smells and germs fester in your vehicle after a hunt.  But with a few sprays of GTech Clean, you can make your vehicle germ-free and smell good.