Our products are packaged for convenient use for commercial, construction, industrial, and manufacturing.

The possibilities are endless for the use of GTech Clean in the construction industry. Our most popular construction applications involve using GTech as a mold and mildew prohibiter.

By infusing GTech Clean into drywall, it is given a shield of protection against mold and mildew growth for its useful life. This can be highly attractive in humid areas of the world and in flood plains. GTech can be mixed in cement, grout, and paint. It can be infused into carpets, counter tops, and wood surfaces. Homes and commercial buildings can affordably be given long-lasting protection against mold and mildew growth with GTech Clean products.

Most Common Construction Uses

icons_garageConcrete Structures

Garages and basement can trap moisture, allowing for pockets of mold and mildew to grow. Likewise, concrete structures can cultivate mold and mildew in humid summer construction seasons. When left untreated, mold and mildew can harm your buildings and breed unhealthy bacteria.  Apply GTech Clean to concrete, wood, plaster, or drywall to eliminate mold and mildew, and keep your project from the destructive damage that mold and mildew can cause.

Concrete, Composites, Wood, and Stone

GTech Clean binds to anything, despite the material. Whether you are dealing with concrete, wood, plastic, composites, or other materials, GTech leaves a microscopic layer that forms a long-lasting line of defence. You can even treat a moldy surface with GTech and paint it after 24 hours!

Air Filters and Ducts

Construction creates lots of dust and can stir up mold and mildew in the air. Using GTech between regular maintenance reduces dust and odors when used in your air filters and ducts.  This helps keep allergens and smells limited!

Gloves, Boots, and Equipment

When you work construction, your boots and equipment are as important as the clothes you wear. Keeping them clean is not always easy, but with GTech Clean, you can get rid of the worst germs and odors on all of your clothes and equipment. You can add GTech to your laundry to fight germs, but you can spray GTech on your tools and equipment to kill all the bacteria and germs that collect on your tools.